Syed Mujtaba Rizvi

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A  r  t         i  s         t  o         E  x  p  e  r  i  e  n  c  e 



Mujtaba Rizvi is an artist and cultural entrepreneur based in Srinagar, Kashmir - a valley of saints and mystics once famously lauded as Paradise on Earth, but now better known as the conflict-ridden zone between India, Pakistan and China. 

Greatly influenced by his life in Kashmir, Mujtaba Rizvi manifests a universal language in his works. Often described as conceptually challenging, visually bold, and creating a personal experience for the viewer - Rizvi's art addresses the world. 

Mujtaba Rizvi has shown in various cities over since early 2004. He is also the Managing Director of a Kashmir based international arts organisation, Kashmir Art Quest.


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